Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scout Is Up For Sale

I am looking for a new home for my VERY FIRST hedgehog,  Scout. She is just about two years old,  very cute, and in need of a home in the San Diego area. There are conditions for her adoption:
1. You may NOT breed her. She is too old to breed and you would be endangering her life if you did.
2. You MUST purchase these items in order to keep her happy and healthy:
*Purina Indoor Cat Chow
*Aspen shavings for bedding
*A ZooMed adhesive heater
*A LARGE igloo (so that she can nest and hide)
*Bottled water
*A small/medium ceramic bowl for water and another for food
*A plastic storage container that is at least one and a half feet tall and three feet long.
*A Silent Spinner brand wheel-- Large
3. The wheel is NOT an option.  She is overweight because she has had five litters of hoglets and needs to run it off. It's definitely worth getting for entertainment value as well because watching a hedgehog run in a wheel is freaking ADORABLE! 
4. You must be willing to keep in contact with me for the remainder of her lifespan. I don't expect us to be best buddies, I just want updates every now and then. You can post them on my Facebook page or text them to me. Since she was my very first hedgehog I want to make sure that she is well cared for.

The adoption fee for Scout is $100/OBO. Hedgehogs can live between six and ten years and since she is incredibly healthy,  she is guaranteed to give you many years of happiness. She is shy but will warm up to you if you hold her often and let her out of her cage/habitat to explore (supervised). She loves being out in grassy areas so that she can pick around for insects. She is VERY fast so keep a close eye on her! She also does well with other pets so you have no need to worry about how she might get along with your dog or cat.

If you have further questions,  please feel free to contact me at -- I check my email regularly.


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  1. Scout has not only gotten a new home but she is being used as a therapy animal for a family that is being challenged by stage IV cancer in one of their members. My mother had Stage II ovarian cancer and my great aunt passed away from Stage IV cancer of the ovaries (she refused treatment because she was quite old) so I understand how hard this kind of thing can be. I am glad that Scout found a loving home and I hope that she isn't peeing on them too often LOL
    My best wishes to the family and I hope to hear good news about this horrific disease being defeated! Whatever your beliefs, pleas keep them and little Scouty in your thoughts/prayers.