Monday, September 28, 2015

New Website

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hedgie Spotlight: Oliver!

Who's that peeking out from beneath that pile of clothes and aspen shavings?  It's Oliver! Ollie is a cute male hedgehog who I bought to be an on-site stud but he has been more than just a baby-making machine, he has also become a hilariously adorable member of our family.

When I first got Ollie I knew that he was not like the rest of my hedgehogs. He shunned the wheel I bought for him and knocked over his igloo every night. And by "knocked over" I mean that he found a way to turn it completely upside-down. His previous owner had told me that he had a blanky that he just couldn't be without and, while driving him home, I watched him encircle himself within its fluffy safety. So I put the blanky into his cage inside the igloo and he went about toppling the igloo and hiding under the blanky. So I experimented with him. I put several old shirts into his cage and he went mad with power! He bulldozed through and beneath the shirts and made himself a complicated little blanket-shirt fort. I sometimes have to take his blankets and shirts out and replace them with new ones since he just kinda poops wherever he wants, but I always make sure to replace them right away lest he start having himself a huffing fit.

My dad instantly loved Oliver. When my dad suddenly passed away in January of 2015 of an accidental overdose, my mom decided that she wanted to invest in my hedgehog business and she bought a female hedgehog for us since we needed new blood in the gene pool. The exchange? She wanted Oliver. She lives all the way across the street from me so I visit Ollie all the time and take females to him for some sweet prickly love.

Oliver has been an invaluable addition to the Farm and we are happy to have such a unique little friend to play with as well!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

March 2015: Of Hedgehogs And Men

The Store has been updated significantly.
The Recommended Reading tab is back online.
The About The Owner tab is back online.

I've been avoiding this blog like the plague. I recently lost my father to unknown circumstances on January 25th, 2015. He passed in his sleep at age 66. I miss him so much. It really hurts a lot because we were pretty close. I never really saw him as a father figure since he was not exactly the best dad but he was a very dear and close friend. I felt like I could tell him just about anything and we could literally talk for hours about nothing and everything all at the same time. He was and always will be my daddy but I'm super lucky that I could also count him as a friend since I know that so many people don't get that privilege. He left me a substantial amount of responsibility because I had to start taking care of my mom and he also left quite a bit of junk that he'd collected over the years. He also left me a letter that is supposed to tell me what he felt about his passing and all of the words that he'd wish to say to me... but my mother cannot find it and my heart is torn up because I need to have closure.
The coolest thing that my dad left to me was his guitar collection. It is absolutely badass. I'm going to give one of his guitars to one of my close friends who is learning to play and the rest I'm going to keep. His gold guitar is my favorite and I dug it out of his work room and started playing it last night. It really brought back a lot of memories that are still fresh in my mind.
My dad was also partially my business partner in the hedgehog business. He helped me to clean the cages and he took care of them when I would leave town. I'll have to train someone to do that when I leave for Christmas this year. It's not a difficult task but it's very repetitive and smelly.

I've been thinking about doing a YouTube video program about hedgehogs. People love to see the little guys and I'm not horrible at editing... if I could do it with a kind of kid's show mentality I think that it would draw in a large audience. I'm still a great deal depressed so I'm not sure how this will work but I will think of something.
In the mean time, please check out the Social Media! tab and follow me on either Instagram, Tumblr or both for daily updates.
If you have a hedgehog related question that you would like answered in video form then please send a soundbite of you asking the question to Please also text me when you do so that I can make sure that I get to your question as soon a possible. My cell phone is (904) 718-7140.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Instagram Fun Fam Spam!

Want to see how my little family of hedgehogs, dogs, frogs, fish, terrapins, a salamander, and a terribly cute little robo hamster tackle the day? Then get ready for a true plethora of photos and drawings by yours truly about my furry, scaly and squishy friends! I even throw myself in there sometimes when I cover events like The San Diego County Fair (formerly The Del Mar Fair) or for quick editorials and opinion pieces on things that I care about. Even if you only make an instagram to keep up with my daily events, do so! It's super fun and there are TONS of adorable hedgehogs on there too! Just look at who I follow and who follows me and you'll see what I mean!

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook all under the name of Hedgehog In A Blog
Check me out!
This hoglet is rooting through all of the cute photos that I have posted!

Hedgehog Forums

There is a relatively new site that has been started by a fellow hedgie aficionado at The moderator and owner of the site, "Josh", has set up a great place for hedgehog lovers to unite no matter where they hail from! Certain sites such as Hedgehog Central will not allow hedgehog breeders or owners in states where they are illegal to join and will even report illegal operations. Hedgehog Forums is not one of those sites and encourages proper hedgehog care over anything else. I have a deep respect for an operation that can look past silly laws that have no root in science as hedgehogs are hardly a threat to our ecosystem and would either be picked up by some concerned citizen or sadly run over as I've been told often happens in their native lands. I guess every place needs a natura speed bump... in San Diego, SoCal we have skunks, Florida and Georgia have armadillos, Tennessee has, well, everything that can get into the road, and certain parts of the British Isles and Africa have hedgehogs (though they are different breeds, mind you). 

So go check out the new forums! Join in and add your stories to the archive, discuss mating, feeding, training, and other concerns, or just browse and maybe even add to their growing collection of very cute hedgie pics just like this one of Calliope and her Summer litter! I dare you not to make some sort of cooing sound that delineates affection towards these adorable little guys <3 

--Amy the Hedgie Breeder

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stay Tuned & Check Out The New Store Rules

The Social Media section will stay the same. Everything else is going to change now that a pair of "well-meaning" people have decided to turn me in to Fish and Game.

But now we will be focusing on another angle altogether. I will reveal this when it is complete. One day this month the website will suddenly change into something completely different! So keep an eye out, follow me and the pets on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and here. Also, please visit and give us a "like" and a rating if you like what we are doing or have purchased from us before. This is important since the people who "turned me in" posted a one star review. I have reported it to Facebook as inappropriate but I'm unsure whether or not they will give me the benefit of the doubt... I'm not exactly counting on it. So please help me get that one star rating to a five!

Thank you for all of your support, everyone!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Legality, Ethics, And Survival

"Hedgehogs are currently illegal in the state of California. Your information, including name and listed address, have been given to the United States Department of Agriculture and the San Diego Parks and Wildlife Office. ):"
This comment demonstrates the need for hedgehogs to be legalised in California. There are SO MANY hedgehog farms here in Southern California alone that put quantity over quality when it comes to raising their hedgehogs. They are NOT ethical breeders. As my Mission Statement says, my hedgehogs have "names, not numbers" and are treated as a part of my family until they are ready for their new homes.

What I have NOT touched on in my blog is the need for people who can take in injured, sick, mistreated, or bad tempered hedgehogs. I am going to make a page dedicated to such a thing since the need is so great. I have already taken in several myself, all of who have been rehabilitated and are being used as breeders! One, Nigel, will never be able to be placed in a new home because he was not weaned properly so he bites without warning (no flaring quills or huffing) and latches down HARD. I have been to the hospital twice to get his handiwork treated. He will live with me for the rest of his natural life because it is unethical to sell him to another person.

This person is trying to do what he thinks is the "right thing" but, in reality, the right thing would be for hedgehogs to be legalised so that breeders like myself could become accredited.

The other point I must make is that I am disabled. I cannot work a normal job for various reasons that I will not get in to... I am attempting to get SSI (a type of Social Security Income-- It's not a lot but it helps). I have been working on this for over 3 years. Upon seeing how awful the hedgehog market is and how easy it is to make money selling them if you know what you're doing, I was able to start supplementing myself during my time of waiting. I am still doing this and am still waiting for my SSI... it could be another 2 years before I get it, according to my SSI lawyer. It is difficult to say. Without the income of the hedgehogs I would be unable to live in this house across the street from my parents. My parents have been very supportive and, without this home so close to help, I'd be in a lot of trouble. They have helped me through times when I would lose my mind to hysteria and when I would try to kill myself to escape the horrors of my past (I have PTSD) and the horrors of the present. Hedgehog breeding has brought a new, wonderful light to my existence-- I must exist so that someone can take care of them. Only I can take care of them so I must go on even when I feel at my worst.
Mr. Austin has good intentions. However, I am not stupid enough to put my real name or my real address online. And, from this moment forth, I shall not allow people to come into my home in order to purchase a hedgehog-- they will have to meet me at the Starbucks located off of W. Point Loma Blvd. where we can discuss the possibility of owning a hedgehog or where you can try to turn me in. It's up to you.

You can thank Mr. Austin for these changes. He has done what he thought was right and lead Fish and Game down a dead end. However, please DO NOT send him hate mail. That would only make things worse. If you do anything at all, please send him photos of your cute hedgehog doing cute things along with your story of how much of an easygoing, wonderful person I am to work with or send him photos or stories of injured and mistreated hedgehogs in SoCal as further evidence towards getting them legalised rather than outlawed and destroyed.
Yes, that is correct: if the state gets a hold of my hedgehogs they will be destroyed.

Thank you for your time. I really do appreciate all of you!


EDIT: I am going to go take a Xanax, which I acquire legally through my doctor, because despite my seemingly calm response to this comment, I'm flipping out inside. I love my babies... my farm is so incredibly small... I never over breed... I always take precautions and check on the mothers consistently and give them and their hoglets extra care when they are in need of it in the first few weeks and then I begin to socialise them as soon as their little eyes open. It is a work of love. It is a miracle of science that each baby hoglet is born into this world at all... Let me have my little farm. Let me keep my little secret. Let me and my hedgehogs live peacefully and you, the potential hedgehog owner, can reap the benefits.
Thanks. --Amy